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Anxiety Resources

Anxiety Resources

Click on the following links to view FREE anxiety resources from me to you:

Anxiety Affirmations
Thinking Errors
What If? Questions
The Avoidance Cycle
Anxiety Hierarchy
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Fidget Toy Ideas

Click the following links to view some of my favorite fidget toys to relieve different overwhelming emotions, such as anxiety and stress.
For items from the Therapy Shoppe, use promo code ‘anxietyocd’ to receive 10% off on orders of $50 or more! Domestic orders only.

Stress balls
Wacky Tracks
Fidget toys
Marble Fidget Toy
Fidget Pop Tubes
Koosh balls
Silly Putty
Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
Sea Urchin Ball
Squishy Gel Bead Square
Snazzy Snappers
Porcupine Pencil Toppers
Poke & Pop Waffle Fidgets
Simpl Dimpl Popper
Stretchy Strings
Spiral Hair Ties
HabitAware Bracelet

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