Speaking Events

Could your workplace benefit from anxiety education, whether for your staff or customers?  Do you work in a school where the staff, students, or parents need assistance managing anxiety disorders?  Email AmandaLCPC@therapysecure.com to schedule your speaking event to improve your knowledge about anxiety.

Does your agency or your clinicians struggle with the diagnosis and/or treatment of OCD and Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors?  Let Amanda help you better understand the fascinating world of OCD and BFRBs that many do not know, outside of the media.  This includes: differentiating between suicidal/homicidal/sexual OCD thoughts and suicidal/homicidal/sexual thoughts that may need to be treated in an entirely different manner, distinguishing between OCD vs OCPD, and the difference between an obsession and other unwanted thoughts.

Are you in the process of building a private practice or do you own a practice that is struggling to gain clientele?  Gather your colleagues for this presentation to learn how to market in a saturated field by narrowing down your niche, networking with other providers, and even building more income streams so you do not have to rely on only therapy!

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Presentation Topics:

  • Anxiety Education
    • Anxiety vs Anxiety Disorders
    • Childhood Anxiety Disorders
    • Treatment Techniques and Tips
    • Applying These Techniques To Your Workplace or School
  • OCD and BFRB Diagnosis and Treatment
    • Diagnosis and Assessment
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
      • Exposure & Response Treatment for OCD
      • Comprehensive Behavioral Model for BFRBs
  • Building A Private Practice
    • Finding Your Niche
    • Increasing Your Caseload
    • How To Market More Effectively
    • Improving Your Money Mindset
    • Multiple Income Streams
  • And More!


  • $150.00/hour


Growing A Thriving Practice
Social Media Strategies for Therapists
Diagnosis and Treatment of Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors
Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD: Step-By-Step
Money Anxiety: When Your Own Relationship with Money Interferes with Your Business