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Speaking Events:

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Anxiety Education & Private Practice Building!

Could your workplace benefit from anxiety education, whether for your staff or customers?  Do you work in a school where the staff, students, or parents need assistance managing anxiety disorders?  Email AmandaPetrikLCPC@gmail.com to schedule your speaking event to improve your knowledge about anxiety.

Are you in the process of building a private practice or do you own a practice that is struggling to gain clientele?  Gather your colleagues for this presentation to learn how to market in a saturated field by narrowing down your niche, networking with other providers, and even building more income streams so you do not have to rely on only therapy!

Presentation Topics:

  • Anxiety Education
    • Learning About Anxiety Disorders
    • Childhood Anxiety Disorders
    • Treatment Techniques and Tips
    • Applying These Techniques To Your Workplace
  • Building A Private Practice
    • Finding Your Niche
    • Increasing Your Caseload
    • How To Market More Effectively
    • Improving Your Money Mindset
    • Multiple Income Streams
  • And More!


  • $150.00/hour
  • Cash, check, and credit card accepted

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