Insurance accepted:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Self-Pay
HSA and FSA cards accepted for insurance or self-pay clients


There are many benefits to self-pay vs. insurance:

  • 1.) No diagnosis is required for self-pay clients.  While a diagnosis for some can be beneficial, for others it could have its consequences.  It could compromise one’s ability to obtain life, health, or disability insurance.
  • 2.) Your goals and treatment will be determined by you and the clinician as a self-pay client.  When going through insurance, our choices and treatment options may be limited as insurance determines for us what is considered “medically necessary” and could deny a certain diagnosis, number and length of sessions, and treatments.
  • 3.) You will have complete privacy.  When being covered by insurance, your information (diagnosis, nature of issues seeking counseling, treatment goals, how long the issue has persisted) is all shared with your insurance, anyone involved in processing and handling the claims, and future employers.
  • 4.) You can receive the specialized anxiety treatment you are seeking with Amanda Petrik, LCPC.  Mrs. Petrik may not be paneled with your particular insurance, however it will be more beneficial to your mental health and finances to receive the short-term treatment and pay out-of-pocket, than to use insurance, long-term, with a provider that is not trained in your particular concern.


  • Consultation, Individual psychotherapy, or Family psychotherapy: $150.00/session
  • Speaking Engagements: $150/hour
  • Private Practice Consultation: $150/hour
  • Individual Supervision: $90/hour
  • Group Supervision: $60/hour

Clinic Policies

Payment Policies

Online Payments:

Online payments can be made by logging into your Client Portal, if you have already created an account.  HSA/FSA cards are accepted in your Client Portal.

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