Online Counseling

Who can benefit from online counseling, or telemental health?

  • Clients in remote areas with limited access to therapists.
  • Home bound individuals, whether due to physical limitations or mental health concerns (i.e. agoraphobia and social anxiety).  Online counseling may be the stepping stone needed before becoming an ongoing, in-office client.
  • Public figures or clients needing additional privacy.  Online counseling eliminates the chance of running into someone in the waiting room for your session.
  • Those in a time or financial crunch.  Online counseling saves time and travel expenses, allowing you to schedule a session during your busy day while remaining at home or work.
  • Existing clients who may be moving elsewhere in Kansas but would like to continue therapy services with Amanda, or may be unable to attend their in-office session due to illness, work schedule, or an unexpected event (i.e. no transportation).
  • Clients needing specialized anxiety treatment offered by Amanda Petrik, LCPC, which cannot always be found by a general therapist in your area.

Online Therapy Kansas

How does it work?

  • Contact Amanda Petrik, LCPC at 785-477-9117 or to schedule your consultation.
    • Electronic paperwork will be emailed to you shortly after scheduling your consultation.
  • On the day and time of your appointment, visit for your session.  Follow the online prompts to check-in for your session.


  • Must have Firefox or Google Chrome to operate server from a computer OR download free app from your phone or tablet.
  • You will be asked to verify your identity (such as with a Drivers License).
  • Expected to hold session in a quiet and confidential space.


  • $150/session
  • Credit card information will be requested when the electronic paperwork is sent.  This will be required before the consultation is conducted.
  • Read more about Rates, Benefits of Self-pay, and Payment Policies HERE


Telemedicine Informed Consent