Do you experience excessive worrying, difficulty turning off those constant anxious thoughts, and feel on edge?

Do those worries include what others think about you, dwelling on the past, or always thinking the worst will happen?

If this sounds familiar, my practice may be a good fit for you!  My name is Amanda Petrik, I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, working with individuals, families, and couples in-office and via online counseling.  I specialize in anxiety disorders and the overwhelming feelings and symptoms that often surround anxiety.  From the initial appointment, you will gain a sense of hope and relief that the anxiety you have been experiencing really can be managed!  Let’s get you “unstuck” and find a healthier, more positive mindset resulting in a more enjoyable lifestyle.


Call 785-477-9117 or email AmandaPetrikLCPC@gmail.com to schedule your first appointment!